Discover the Beaches of Greece: Thessaloniki

Renowned worldwide for it's over 6,000 islands, beaches and idyllic seaside resorts, Greece is a beautiful country that comprises unique and wide-ranging landscapes, so much so that tourism represents more than 50% of the national Greek economy.

There are numerous famous beaches and islands in Greece, some of which include Corfu, Crete, Santorini, Mykonos and Kos. One of the most popular and largest cities to visit in the Greek Islands is Thessaloniki, on the Thermaic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. 

Many tourists choose the beaches of Thessaloniki for swimming, as the Thessaloniki coastline is extremely varied and features numerous places to enjoy the fine sand and to swim in the crystal clear, warm water.

The most popular Thessaloniki beaches include Asprovalta, Epanomi, Nea Mihaniona, Agia Triada, Nei Epivates, Perea and Aretsou. The beaches of Thessaloniki are seasonal, and are usually open from the beginning of May until the end of September. The beach resorts offer numerous facilities including volleyball courts, changing cabins, tennis courts, bars, childrens' playgrounds, restaurants and even supermarkets.

The most famous beach in Thessaloniki is Agia Triada Beach. It’s 30 minutes away from the city and it attracts thousands of tourists in the summer time. The visitors come here to see the wonderful sunsets, to swim and to sunbathe. The European Union awarded a Blue Flag to this beach, meaning that it has all the facilities necessary for a top beach. Some of the features at Agia Triada Beach include restaurants, taverns and hotels, as well as sunbathing areas umbrellas. The crystal clear water in this region is perfect for swimming.

Another very beautiful destination is Asprovalta Beach. It is 2 km long and it’s situated pretty far from Thessaloniki, but the beach is well worth the drive. Asprovalta Beach has wide sand bands and it conveys a youthful vibe. There are several clubs and bars near the beach where the tourists and locals can have fun until the wee hours of the morning. Asprovalta Beach is great for enjoying sports such as beach volleyball, fishing, water skiing and sailing.

A real natural beauty is Nei Epivates Palirria Beach. While the beach is small at only 200 meters, it’s very picturesque and charming. It's surrounded by large trees, which is quite unique for many Greek beaches. People who come here choose to swim, surf and sunbathe. An interesting feature is the outdoor cinema that's open during the summer months.

Two other impressive beaches in Greece are Epanomi Beach and Perea Beach. Epanomi Beach is extremely crowded during the summer months but offers numerous restaurants, taverns and accommodation options. Perea Beach is a popular resort, with a beach that's wide and long, and is surrounded by lovely landscapes and has countless tourist facilities. It’s also known for its somewhat wild and crazy nightlife.

Other Greek beaches that are well worth visiting are Angelochori Beach, Galaxis Beach, Richios Beach, Milies Beach and Stavros Beach. No matter what beach you choose to enjoy in Greece, make sure to have fun, take full advantage of the weather and warm water, and to wear your sunscreen ;) Registered & Protected

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