Small Ship Cruising

I've always been a HUGE fan of cruising! Why? Because cruising is like an all-inclusive floating hotel that gives you opportunities to explore different destinations & cultures, all in one trip. How can your vacation get any better than that?! Maybe you've already been lucky enough to have visited Paris, but have you ever cruised through Paris?? It really does provide an up-close-and-personal experience as opposed to simply flying in and out of any given city.

But beyond the huge cruise ships that carry small cities worth of people, my favorite is small ship cruising. Why? Because I find the experience more intimate, you'll always get a cabin with a view, and small ships can go where larger ones can't so there are more unique destinations you can visit!
Celebrity Expedition

In fact, small ship cruising and especially river cruising, have been growing a rate ten times that of ocean cruising in the last few years. So why all the fuss? Let's take a look at small ship cruising!

  • many ships have a maximum of a few hundred passengers which translates into an intimate setting without crowds or line-ups; it's easier to socialize & meet new friends 
  • if you're intimidated by the thought of cruising the open ocean on a mega ship, small ship cruising can be a great fit if you're a first-time cruiser
  • many small ships dock right in the middle of a town or city making it perfect for sightseeing; it's extremely convenient as passengers can come and go as they please - and you'll save time and money by not having transfer into town or take a tender to shore
  • the majority of staterooms or cabins on small ship are outside, so everyone has a beautiful view as they cruise
  • if you're prone to experiencing sea sickness, a small ship cruise on calm river waters means the chance of getting sick could be considerably less
  • small ship cruising can be more rewarding, in the sense that it provides a more interactive and personal cruise experience overall
  • shore excursions on a small ship tend to be conducted by experts in the field including professional photographers, historians, naturalists and the like
  • many times, small ship cruising may also include costs that are additional when cruising on a larger ship, like airfares and shore excursions
Un-Cruise Adventures
Lindblad Expeditions (aligned with National Geographic) offers soft-adventure cruising to 7 continents including the South Pacific and Antarctica, while the Celebrity Expedition sails provides 10- & 15-night itineraries to the Galapagos Islands. Un-Cruise Adventures offers guests the chance to kayak, hike and snorkel in destinations like the Pacific Northwest, Costa Rica and onto South America - think locally sourced cuisine & microbrews. 
Star Clippers

If you've always dreamed of exploring your inner pirate, sailing onboard a Star Clippers tall ship may be more to your liking! Avalon Waterways takes passengers to exotic destinations such as Myanmar and Vietnam, while AmaWaterways provides a traditional European experience while sailing down the Rhine, Danube and Mosel Rivers. Registered & Protected

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