LugLoc Luggage Locator: New Features!

Here's an encore post of my review of LugLoc - with their new features added in red.

The perfect gift for the traveler in your life. Or, of course, for yourself!

Yes, I admit it. As a frequent traveler, I have luggage-separation issues. And with 30 million lost luggage claims annually, it’s no wonder. Did my beloved Kipling bag make the flight? Did it get lost in the terminal? Is it on its’ way to Cuba? Oh, the anxiety!

But now I don’t need to worry because I’ve got award-winning LugLoc (Lug-gage Loc-ator). This little baby allows me to track my luggage in real time by using an app on my smartphone. All you need to do is turn on this small, lightweight device and put it in your suitcase. 

I tested out this rechargeable device when I recently flew cross country. When I arrived, I used the airports’ free Wi-Fi, tapped the LugLoc app and within about a minute, my luggage was tracked to Miami. On the return, we were delayed - and I was starting to get worried - but upon arrival in Seattle, LugLoc told me that my bag was there, way before the luggage carousel even started to turn.

LugLoc also tracks itself automatically and will notify you when it changes locations. Wow!! For a mere $69.99, LugLoc provides inexpensive peace of mind. It’s the perfect holiday (or anytime!) gift for the traveler in your life. Use it to track suitcases, pet carriers, golf clubs and more. And it’s not just for flying - think laptop bags or backpacks. Whatever is important to you, you can simply track their whereabouts on your smartphone with the LugLoc app at your leisure.

LugLoc has a 15-day battery life and is completely TSA, FAA and FCC compliant. It's also GSM and Bluetooth capable. LugLoc is available with free shipping (within the continental US), which includes 30 days of unlimited tracesAfter 30 days, pricing for unlimited tracing plans are: 1 month/$4.99, 6 months/$19.99 or 12 months/$29.99Overall, it’s so inexpensive for the peace of mind LugLoc provides. 

I highly recommend LugLoc and encourage you to check it out! And if for some reason you’re not completely satisfied, LugLoc offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Safe travels!

2018 Smart Luggage Update:
You may have noticed that in the past few weeks there has been a lot of buzz around some airlines forbidding “smart luggage” from being checked in. American Airlines announced that they would ban any "smart bag" with an integrated lithium-ion battery starting on January 15th. Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines released similar statements with the same deadline. 
We at LugLoc are permanently looking out for the latest security updates from all the different organisms that regulate air travel, such as IATA, FAA, TSA, EASA, etc. We went to our sources in those entities and we got confirmation that this travel ban DOES NOT apply to your LugLoc, as it is aimed to reduce the risk of fire from the big battery packs that some “smart luggage” has integrated as part of their product. LugLoc uses a 6 Watt-hour (1650 mAh) battery, which is way below the maximum threshold that regulators require*.*The maximum battery size for a​ ​PED ​(personal ​electronic device​)​ on a flight is 100 Watt-hour. 
So, as always, have peace of mind traveling with LugLoc knowing that we comply with all air travel regulations, and always know where your luggage is!

For more information, visit LugLoc! And be sure to check out 6 Practical Travel Tips!

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