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Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau
While the Rio Olympics are still in full swing, let's take a look at what this striking Atlantic oceanside city has to offer! With a 2010 population of 6.3 million, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, offers average year-round temperatures ranging from 70 to 80°F - with the hottest month being February and the coldest in August.

Three things come to my mind when I think of Rio: Carnival, Christ the Redeemer statue, and Barry Manilow crooning about Copacabana Beach. And maybe the Girl from Ipanema...??

Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau

Carnival in Rio

The craziness and fun of Carnival takes place annually during the 4 days prior to Ash Wednesday (February 24 to March 4, 2017). At the heart of Carnival are the colorful street parades showcasing samba music and dancing, along with flamboyant costumes worn by all.

Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau

Christ the Redeemer

Built in 1931, this art deco representation of Jesus Christ towers 98 feet tall (2/3 the height of the Statue of Liberty), with an arm span of 92 feet. Overlooking Rio, Christ the Redeemer sits 2,300 feet up on the summit peak of Corcovado mountain. Due to lightning strikes, weather and general wear and tear, a huge restoration process to repair it's outer soapstone exterior was completed in 2010.

Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau

Copacabana Beach

Never mind Barry Manilow, this world-famous, 2.5-mile-long beach offers a vibrant atmosphere along with a beautiful promenade full of beach bars, shops and restaurants. Copacabana Beach is the party place to be on New Year's Eve when an average of 2 million people gather annually to take in the festivities and fireworks.

Tonga Olympic Flag Bearer

Pita Tautatotua CBC
Just had to include this. When Pita Nikolas Tautatotua entered the stadium during the Rio Olympic opening ceremony, the world took notice of his coconut oiled skin and traditional Tongan dress. He competes in taekwondo this coming Saturday, when once again, all eyes will be on Rio!

The closing ceremonies for the 2016 Rio Olympic games takes place on August 21 at Marcana Stadium.

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