What to Do With Your Seashell Collection

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What to Do With Your Seashell Collection? 

Are you one of those travelers who steals sand and seashells from every destination you visit? I gave up on the sand years ago (really, really messy), and quit collecting shells until I decided to stop hiding them and put them on display!

Okay, well not really on display, but my shells are now happily showcased in a8 inch rectangular glass vase (like this one available on Amazon) that sits on the corner of my desk. If I angle it the right way, the sun shines through the back reminding even more of the sand and sun. Love it!!

So what else can you do with those shells? Let's take some inspiration from Pinterest and see how creative you can become!

Here's a great idea from It's the Little Things That Make a House a Home, similar to what I did, but these Simple Seashell Shadowboxes are just that, easy to make shadowboxes with pre-bought seashells! who knew??! They're great on a console table or a desk, but they'd also be perfect on a wall.

Here's another minimalist idea by Fresh Farmhouse - love the simplicity of just placing the sand dollars into a simple jar creating a beautiful display! Of course, you could do this with an assortment of colorful shells but there's just something about this simplicity, don't you think?

Well, if you've got some time on your hands, Completely Coastal shows this really creative way to display your prized shell collection and add some pizazz to your decorating as well. Unfortunately, they're not sure of the source so it doesn't come with any instructions, just the photo, but it couldn't be that hard to figure out, could it??

They also offer tons of other seashell collection ideas but this! This, is my absolute favorite!! Isn't this antique aquarium just stunning??! Wow. I want.

And this one: I've seen a lot of ideas for making wind chimes but to me, it seems like it'd be difficult to get it all balanced, no?? I thing this garlic-type strand would be more up my alley and is a little more substantial as far as decorating goes. Love how it frames the front door of this costal-style beach house.

I like this beeswax candle/votive idea from Garden Therapy but I'm not sure if I'd ever do it. I think it would be great for a dinner outdoors or maybe in a bathroom? I guess I'm just not crazy about the natural golden beeswax color in contrast with the shells, sorry! 

This is a gorgeous idea from Moss and Ivy - again, this antique bird cage ranks right up there with the antique aquarium above, wow. And it's even cooler that they've added a light to really showcase this unique collections of shells.

And finally, this simple but yet pretty alternative from Eden Makers for what to do with your seashell collection - just stick them in a planter!  What could be easier than this??

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