Danish Hygge

Danish Hygge. Wait, what?? According to Visit Denmark, hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a joyful state of mind or well-being in one of the happiest countries in the world, Denmark! Hygge has been described as a Danish lifestyle craze, that's suggestive of cocooning or holing up through the winter months. The term hygge was shortlisted as one of the Oxford Dictionary Words of the Year for 2016!

Even though the winters in Denmark can be long and dark, hygge generally refers to coziness, togetherness, comfort and shelter. Think: spending time with friends and family, or the warm glow of a candle, that's hygge. And, of course, hygge can also be expressed through some of the smaller things in life, including drinking and eating. A home can exude hygette, meaning a welcoming vibe.

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Hygge brings up images of an apres-ski type atmosphere: snuggling together by a fire; wearing warm winter clothes that create a hyggeligt feel, sipping a mug of hot cocoa (or something!), while your loving puppy dog snuggles at your feet. How much better could a long winter get? In North America, we're more likely to huddle around our technology while watching Netflix!

If you're still wondering what hygge is all about, check out these hygge items on Etsy, it'll help point you in the right direction! Again think: textures, pampering, natural bath and beauty...

For more information, visit Visit Denmark.


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