India Adventure: Kingdom of Dreams

When I knew I was visiting India, I had a travel bucket list of things I wanted to cross off including going on a tiger safari, riding on a local train, seeing the Taj (and yes, once you've visited, you earn the privilege of being able to call it the Taj) and seeing a live Bollywood performance. 

So, thanks to Kumbha #34, TourRadar and Miss Anajali Singh of Intrepid Travel, for the first three! And then onto Arun Kataria, Quality Assurance Executive with Kingdom of Dreams, for making my Bollywood dreams come true.

Let me start off by saying Kingdom of Dreams is impressive, to say the least. In fact, it's ranked as TripAdvisors' #2 attraction when you're in Gurugram (formerly and still locally known as Gurgaon). What a fun experience! I went to a matinee show and the theatre was completely packed with people. I then followed it up with another matinee performance the following day, because it was...just. that. good.

The theatrical productions of both shows were first class. Zangoora, a tale about a gypsy prince, offers an combination of stunning sets, aerial choreography and special effects, and has been playing at Kingdom of Dreams since 2010. Since 2015, Beyond Bollywood, a typical Bollywood love story jam packed with dancing, features main characters Shaily and Raghav.

Both performances offer a lively, entertaining glimpse into the wonderful colors, culture and music of India. And who knew the audience would be so enthusiastic?? It's similar to attending a Bollywood movie at a cinema, or so I've been told. And once the shows are over, you can check out the Las Vegas-style sky dome at Culture Gully, where you can experience shops, bars and restaurants from 14 Indian states all in one place. 

If you're traveling to India, I'd recommend taking in a show at Kingdom of Dreams. Or 2, if you'd like!

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For more information or to make your online Bollywood show reservation, visit Kingdom of Dreams.


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