Lemon Tree Premier Leisure Valley 2, Gurugram, India

As a first time visitor to India, I have to admit I was apprehensive about booking my own hotel in Delhi. But after a little research and time crunching as to what I'd really be able to fit into my schedule, I decided to stay at the Lemon Tree Premier Leisure Valley 2 in Gurugram.

Why? First, because this stylish, contemporary hotel is close to Kingdom of Dreams (about a 5-minute walk, once you know where you're going, haha), and secondly because they have an airport shuttle. But mostly because their staff was more than accommodating even before I arrived, especially Mr. Safdar Imam, Executive Assistant Manager of Lemon Tree Premier Leisure Valley 2, whom I met upon arrival at the hotel.

One of my main concerns with traveling to India was dealing with my Celiac Disease (which basically means gluten in the form of wheat/rye/barley/oats is literally toxic to my body). Mr. Imam reassured me the chefs would be able to accommodate my needs, as I chose a hotel package with free Wi-Fi, breakfast and dinner as part of the offer. Talk about convenient.

My room, #215, was more than spacious. It had a modern vibe with everything I could ask for including a flat-screen TV and a living area, plus I had a great view onto a lush greenspace filled with tropical foliage.

After nearly 24 hours of traveling, I was exhausted but still hungry for breakfast. As soon as I arrived at the Citrus Cafe, I was met by Sous Chef, Sanjay Singh Negi. I was so impressed that he had an actual print out of my dietary requirements as per my email (gluten can be hidden in all kinds of things, arghhh), and even more so when he said he could cook my anything I wanted! Wow. As a frequent celiac challenged traveler, these are words I've never heard before.

Chef Negi proceeded to make me my own personal smorgasbord of delectables, for which I felt really bad as I couldn't possibly eat everything he was bringing me. But it was delicious: a crepe-like Indian pancake, freshly squeezed juice, fresh fruit, eggs and hash browns. The pampering continued on into the next day, plus I had a wonderfully prepared roasted chicken dinner in my room the first night. All with no gluten in sight!

So what impressed me the most about Lemon Tree Premier Leisure Valley 2? Their fantastic staff! Mr. Imam took the time to explain that, while they're primarily a business hotel during the week (and wow, were they busy!) they tend to welcome most leisure guests on the weekend. And it's no wonder as the hotel is not too far from Delhi, and they've got a fitness room and a rooftop pool for guests to relax by. He went on to explain that Lemon Tree Hotels is proud to be an equal opportunity employer who realizes the value of workers who face their own challenges, including those with down syndrome, who are happily employed at many of their hotels. I love it!

Lemon Tree has an excellent reputation amongst travellers and locals alike, and as an added bonus you can join their frequent travel reward program, Lemon Tree Smiles. 

Overall, I would highly, highly recommend Lemon Tree Premier Leisure Valley 2 for your business or leisure travel. It's great value for your hard earned dollars plus you'll be taken care of to no end, and isn't that what traveling is all about, just being in the moment without a care in the world? Impressive. Very impressive.

I also stayed at the Red Fox Delhi Airport, which is also part of the Lemon Tree Hotel family, after my most excellent adventure with TourRadar and Anjali Singh of Intrepid Travel. Watch for my upcoming review!

For more information or to make your reservation, please visit: Lemon Tree Premier Leisure Valley 2


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