Journalling While You Travel

As a writer, I've always had a notebook with me when I've traveled, whether it be just an hour away or to explore a foreign country. My notebook of choice is anything Moleskine, as I love the durability, portability and variety of formats available. And seriously, don't be fooled by imitation Molsekine-like notebooks as they end up being crap in the end - the spines break or pages just fall right out of the book :(

You can't go wrong with a Moleskine Classic Large Rule Notebook

I've also heard great things about Midori notebooks. I can see how these leather bound notebooks would age with use making them part of the memories you're creating as you travel. When you're checking these out, be sure to note that many times you're just buying the outside cover, not the paper inside. But, they're completely refillable, which is great! You can remove your notes and catalogue them upon returning home, insert a new refill and you're ready to go again. You can also customize them with pen holders and brass plates for the elastic closure.

Midori Traveler's Notebook Brown Leather

If you're traveling with small children, I highly recommend getting them their very own journal so they can record their vacation according to their eyes! I found this great kids' travel journal with puzzles, blank pages for drawing and prompts to help them write down what they've seen and done. This travel journal is especially perfect if your child has a summer class project about their vacation, bonus! You can also add photos when you're done to complete the process. <3

Kids' Travel Journal

The one thing I wish I could do personally when traveling is draw or paint in my journal. I love watercolors! I've attempted a few sketches here and there but wow, just not worth my disappointment when I'm done and the feeling that I've screwed up my entire journal with my lame drawing, ughhhh, lol. Here's a great option if watercolor on the go interests you, while the second book encourages everyone to try drawing. And even you. Yes, YOU! :)

And speaking of writing, check out the Ernest Hemingway Home in Key West, Florida!! 


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