Discover the Delicious Chocolate Islands!

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Last week we ventured off to the stunning Seychelles Islands - this week visit the delicious Chocolate Islands.

Located on the equator 150 miles to the west of Gabon, Africa, the Chocolate Islands are named for being the largest supplier of cocoa in the world. The striking beaches of black sand, framed by volcanic peaks and tropical rainforest, make these islands a truly unique and desirable destination.

Comprised of two main islands, Sao Tome and Principe, the Chocolate Islands also include Annobôn, Bom Bom, and the Bioko Islands. Must sees on Sao Tome include the Santa Sé Cathedral, the Historical Archive, and the Presidential Palace.

Roughly one-third of the country is designated as a nature preserve known as Ôbo Natural Park (Ôbo meaning “wild, impenetrable woods”). Hiking, bird watching, turtle watching, big game fishing, whale watching, fantastic scuba diving and snorkelling are available in abundance.

Only a five-hour flight from Lisbon, Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe have long been visited by Europeans looking for that perfect match of history, culture, nature, and spectacular beaches.

For more information, visit Sao Tome and Principe Tourism.

Chocolate Islands Travel Tips:
  • Main languages are Portuguese and Spanish
  • In order to enter the islands, you must be vaccinated for Malaria & Yellow Fever
  • Entry Visas cost €20; airport departure fees are also €20
  • Dry season runs June to September
  • Don’t bring your credit card – cash transactions are the norm
  • Don’t miss visiting the old cocoa Plantation homes

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