7 Travel Tips & Advice for Traveling with Celiac Disease

7 Travel Tips & Advice for Traveling with Celiac Disease

1. Do your homework. If you'll be eating meals at a hotel or a resort, you need to find out if the chefs/servers will practice due diligence to ensure your food safety.  How? Email the hotel manager and ask. If not, you need to choose another hotel.

2. When eating out, use the words Celiac-friendly meals instead of asking for gluten-free meals. 

3. If you're traveling to a foreign country where you're very concerned about your gluten free food choices, consider purchasing an allergy card like this one available on Amazon.

4. If you're flying, always carry a fairly decent amount of gluten free snacks with you in your carry-on bag and in your suitcase. 

  • Buy a few bigger boxes of things that you can easily divide up. 
  • One of my lifesavers every morning was gluten-free instant oatmeal. In India, I used bottled water to mix it and ate it cold every morning. Then I'd grab a banana from a market. 
  • And if you have GF left overs that you brought with you, you can simply leave them behind in your hotel room before you return home.

5. Depending on the length of the flight, many airlines still provide gluten-free meals at no cost, if requested in advance. This was a gluten-free meal selection on board a  train in India.

6. Gluten-free associations in your destination city or country can be a great reference. Ask for a list of GF restaurants/bakeries. 

7. There's gotta be an app for that: I've see many out there that list GF restaurants, but I haven't tried one yet, have you?

Check out this great resource: Is This Gluten Free??

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